Lip Colors

Notes for consideration with Lip Pigments:

* Stay clear away from highly pigmented skin tones. Lips will turn blue or grey purple once healed into the skin. This is due to stimulating the melanin levels in the skin with the needle and not as a result of tattoo pigment.

*Cold-sores - if the herpes virus is an issue-advise your client to visit the doctor for a prescription. The product Valtrex reduces the outbreak of the virus caused by the trauma to the skin which is aggravated by the intrusion of the needles into the skin.

*Be cautious with those clients who request plum, burgundy, grape and mahogany lip colors as they will be undoubtedly heal into grey/mauve or blue. In order to formulate these colors, blue must be added to red. There is no other way to achieve these colors. Blue will always remain in the dermis and shine through the skin as a dull dark color. this is the reason for those blueberry lip lines. In order to satisfy a client's request for these blue base colors, our suggestion is to use Raspberry.

*It is important to see some orange tone in the majority of your lip colors, particularly formulations that are darker.