About Us


Sherry Hale

Sherry Hale is a CPCP Certified artist and SPCP trainer member. She specializes in dermal pigmentation, skin analysis and treatments. She is the owner and founder of Custom Beaute in Western New York where she provides daily treatments and has a successful clinic.

She founded Custom Beautech so that she could share her experiences and success with equipment and products that would help her fellow artists find their own success. Products sold here are products that she uses.


Christa Zangara

Christa Zangara is an accomplished Sales and Marketing Expert with extensive knowledge of the Salon and Medical Spa industry. Christa is a Micropigmentation color and product specialist available to you for questions and assistance.

She is the Academy’s education advisor and coordinator playing a key role in engaging permanent makeup industry technicians and providing them with resources for higher education, phone tech support and product distribution.