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Digital (Safety) Needles 15 Pk - 3 Point Power

C-DIG3POW 3 Power
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Product description

Extra sharp 3-point needle for more precise work
than a regular 3-point needle will allow. Suitable
for the shading of eyebrows and the drawing of fine
eyeliners and lip liner

The safety needles fit on the standard safety hand piece. For the protection of both the technician and the client, the Nouveau Contour Needle Cartridge System works unlike anything on the market today. The needle and the needle “tube” are integrated in one disposable cartridge system. Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the hand piece, which is therefore completely independent of the disposable cartridge and void of any possibility of cross-contamination. When the cartridge is detached from the hand piece the needle automatically retracts back into the cartridge, preventing an accidental “stick” to the technician, or client.

Available in 16 different needle formations.


.20 Nano 1, .25 Nano 2, 1 Point Micro, 3 Point Micro, 3 Point Outline, 3 Point Power, 3 Point Liner, 3 Slope, 4 Point Flat, 5 Point Round, 5 Point Magnum, 5 Point Shader, 5 Point Power, 5 Point Slope, 7 Point Power, 7 Point Liner, 9 Point Magnum

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